Monkey Guards Mysterious Kitten In Indonesian Forest

Now normally, I don’t buy into “cutesie” types of stories regarding animals, kids with animals, families with animals, or any story at all about babies or children and how “cute” they are. Kids, pets and babies are not cute or funny in any way and no one on Earth cares about them except their owners. No one.Monkey Adopts Kitten In Indonesian Jungle People who post pictures or videos of their kid, animal or baby being “cute” should not be allowed to walk the streets with the rest of us. Exile to Siberia would be a good start for these violators.

That being said, this story about the monkey and kitten is actually pretty cool. How often are you going to look out into the jungle and see a damned monkey carrying around a cat? It made me wonder where the hell the monkey got the kitten and why. It’s likely that the monkey had offspring that died somehow and then it happened upon this kitten and decided to take it has her own. I’m saying “her” because the males of any species don’t generally take something as their own. I grew up on an animal farm and have seen this kind of thing happen to pretty much every kind of animal we had. Animals are capable of very strange things. For example, we had chickens on our farm, and we had a schnauzer who would run and break up rooster fights as soon as they broke out. Bizarre, but true. The truth is, mother nature is a mad scientist. If you don’t believe me, explain a goddamned manatee.

Manatee: Is Nature A Mad Scientist?

Manatee: WTF? Is Nature A Mad Scientist?

In the case of this story, however, it is likely the simple case of the monkey liking a cute kitten. It makes sense when you think about it. We as people are only five minutes or so ahead of monkeys in terms of evolution and we like cute kittens and puppies. Why should it be any different with the inlaws?

This story only makes the wall of The Weird and Unexplained because it has to do with fate, which is a weird and unexplained thing that we have no control over. Had this kitten not been found, it would surely have died. In effect, the monkey saved the kitten. Is it divine intervention? Sheer luck their paths crossed? Who knows. And that, in short, is why the monkey meeting the kitten makes it into the Diary of The Weird And Unexplained.

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