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Giant Goldfish Trolling Lake Tahoe

By Laila Kearney

VALLEJO, California – Giant goldfish have mysteriously found their way into the famously crystalline waters of Lake Tahoe, the nation’s second-deepest lake, alarming researchers and raising questions about the invasive species’ long-term effects.

Goldfish weighing as much as 4 pounds and measuring up to a 1½ feet in length have recently been caught in Tahoe, which straddles the California-Nevada border. Scientists say the influx threatens native species while posing a potential waste pollution problem.

“These fish are competing with the native fish, and that’s a big part of the problem,” said Heather Segale, spokeswoman for the Tahoe Environmental Research Center at the University of California at Davis.

Researchers Discover Bluejays Hold Funerals For Their Fallen Brethren

By Matt Walker Editor, BBC Nature

When western scrub jays encounter a dead bird, they call out to one another and stop foraging.

The jays then often fly down to the dead body and gather around it, scientists have discovered.

The behaviour may have evolved to warn other birds of nearby danger, report researchers in California, who have published the findings in the journal Animal Behaviour.

The revelation comes from a study by Teresa Iglesias and colleagues at the University of California, Davis, US.

Bluejay FuneralSome birds, it seems, hold funerals for their dead.

Monkey Guards Mysterious Kitten In Indonesian Forest

Now normally, I don’t buy into “cutesie” types of stories regarding animals, kids with animals, families with animals, or any story at all about babies or children and how “cute” they are. Kids, pets and babies are not cute or funny in any way and no one on Earth cares about them except their owners. No one.Monkey Adopts Kitten In Indonesian Jungle People who post pictures or videos of their kid, animal or baby being “cute” should not be allowed to walk the streets with the rest of us. Exile to Siberia would be a good start for these violators.