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Comet Visible Every 10 Million Years Coming Late 2013

Glow-In-The-Dark Highways Coming Soon To A Theater Near You?

It’s Futurama meets Tron meets… the DMV? It appears so, so far as the Dutch are concerned at least. While the wacky mashup may be missing a few ingredients, the recent revelation by the Netherlands of their all-new glow in the dark highway system promises to be a sleek and tasty dish nevertheless.

Beginning mid 2013, the Dutch plan to start implementing the new highways which will use a photo-luminizing powder to replace the country’s road markings.

Scientists Demonstrate First Successful Test Of “Time Cloaking”

First Demonstration of Time Cloaking

Physicists have created a “hole in time” using the temporal equivalent of an invisibility cloak.

kfc 07/14/2011


Invisibility cloaks are the result of physicists’ newfound ability to distort electromagnetic fields in extreme ways. The idea is steer light around a volume of space so that anything inside this region is essentially invisible.

The effect has generated huge interest. The first invisibility cloaks worked only at microwave frequencies but in only a few years, physicists have found ways to create cloaks that work for visible light, for sound and for ocean waves. They’ve even designed illusion cloaks that can make one object look like another.