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Texas-sized Garbage Patch In Pacific Hosts Exponentially Expanding “Sea Skaters”

Study: Plastic in ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ increases 100-fold

Mario Aguilera / Scripps Institution of Oceanography

SEAPLEX researchers encounter a large ghost net with tangled rope, net, plastic, and various biological organisms during a 2009 expedition in the Pacific gyre. Matt Durham (seen wearing a blue shirt) is pictured with Miriam Goldstein.

By Ian Johnston,

The amount of plastic trash in the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” has increased 100-foldĀ during the past 40 years, causing “profound” changes to the marine environment, according to a new study.

Mothman Resurfaces In News

If you’re not familiar with the legendary creature known as the Mothman, he is reportedly a ghoulish six-to-seven-foot-tall creature with large reflective red eyes, unusual strength, a howling shriek that can be heard over great distances, and wings or wing-like appendages capable (by all known accounts) of allowing him to chase a vehicle at great speed. The Mothman was first seen around Point Pleasant, West Virginia from November 12, 1966 to December 1967 when the Silver Bridge collapsed over the Ohio River and killed 46 people. Mothman DepictionThat account, of course, was made into the popular 2002 movie starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney (The Mothman Prophecies). The Mothman was also seen before the Interstate 35 bridge collapse outside of Minneapolis in 2007, and before and after Chernobyl (to name a few). In all accounts, the Mothman appears (according to witnesses) near the time of the tragedies, then vanishes shortly thereafter.