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Hundreds injured as meteor fireball screams across the sky in Russia

Buildings were damaged and more than 400 people suffered injuries, most of them minor, when chunks of space rock plummeted into the Russian Urals this morning. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports. By Alan Boyle and Matthew DeLuca, NBC News

A huge meteorite flared through the skies over Russia’s Chelyabinsk region early Friday, triggering a powerful shock wave that injured hundreds of people, blew out windows and reportedly caused the roof of a factory to collapse.

Closest Asteroid Flyby in Earth Past, Present And Known Future Coming

The solar storm coming is far more worrisome than the asteroid. Scary part is, science can’t predict the scope of a sunspot blast, only that they’re capable of flash frying us in the flick of a lizard’s tongue at any time with or without warning. Imagine all Earth’s nuclear bombs exploding at once, then multiply that by a million. Solar storms are stronger still. Even on a calm day the sun releases 100 billion tons of dynamite’s worth of energy per second.

I-35 Bridge Collapse Minnesota