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Black-Eyed Children Creeping Into The World

There are a growing number of reports from eye-witnesses claming to have seen children with all black eyes with no pupils or color. No doubt skeptics will attempt to debunk the existence of such anomalies, citing the simple fact that the effect can easily be simulated with the use of black contact lenses placed over the entirety of the eye. The lenses are quite expensive, but the condition can be mimicked and indeed quite selling. The real questions are: 1) If the kids are using the lenses, why;  and 2) If the condition is genuinely biological, what the heck is going on?

10 Amazing Facts About The Sun

10 Amazing Facts About The Sun

Closest Asteroid Flyby in Earth Past, Present And Known Future Coming

The solar storm coming is far more worrisome than the asteroid. Scary part is, science can’t predict the scope of a sunspot blast, only that they’re capable of flash frying us in the flick of a lizard’s tongue at any time with or without warning. Imagine all Earth’s nuclear bombs exploding at once, then multiply that by a million. Solar storms are stronger still. Even on a calm day the sun releases 100 billion tons of dynamite’s worth of energy per second.