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If you’re not familiar with the legendary creature known as the Mothman, he is reportedly a ghoulish six-to-seven-foot-tall creature with large reflective red eyes, unusual strength, a howling shriek that can be heard over great distances, and wings or wing-like appendages capable (by all known accounts) of allowing him to chase a vehicle at great speed. The Mothman was first seen around Point Pleasant, West Virginia from November 12, 1966 to December 1967 when the Silver Bridge collapsed over the Ohio River and killed 46 people. Mothman DepictionThat account, of course, was made into the popular 2002 movie starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney (The Mothman Prophecies). The Mothman was also seen before the Interstate 35 bridge collapse outside of Minneapolis in 2007, and before and after Chernobyl (to name a few). In all accounts, the Mothman appears (according to witnesses) near the time of the tragedies, then vanishes shortly thereafter.

The Mothman is reputed to appear before, during and after catastrophic events that claim several human lives and force a permanent impression in the emotional fabric of humankind. The latter is a bit of an obtuse concept to grasp. Perhaps the easiest way to explain it is to think back to a tragic time in one’s life and how it left a scar. Now imagine all of mankind collectively bearing the burden of that same grief.Mothman PictureSuch an emotional dagger has a way of creating an imprint – or permanent wrinkle – in the temporal fabric of humankind’s existence. The wrinkle never goes away, much like the ring in a tree after a spastic year of weather. That is what the Mothman is reputably drawn to – sudden, intense suffering with the potential to create long-term misery.

Trying to determine the reason why the Mothman is drawn to such events is where the story really gets interesting. Some believe that the Mothman is merely a recreational observer who travels back in time like a tourist to witness catastrophic disasters. Others believe the Mothman’s intentions are good, that he is a prophet of sorts who wants to warn humanity of coming disasters. Still others believe that the Mothman is a winged fiend with evil on the mind and the vastly superior intelligence and determination to make it a reality. The latter group believes the Mothman is either totally responsible for the accidents himself, or is at least there to give them a nudge in the right (for him) direction.

The Mothman Prophecies - 2002

The Mothman Prophecies (DVD 2002)

Regardless of the theory, what sets the Mothman apart from frivolous crackpot stories such as Big Foot sightings and Green Men out probing around on Green Guys night out, is how down-to-earth the eyewitness accounts seem to be. Those who claim to have seen the Mothman are usually very level-headed people of modest means who aren’t prone to sensationalism. In fact, they generally don’t like to admit that they saw a moth man at all. Instead they tell themselves (and usually the authorities) that it was some sort of freak animal they saw. A mutation, perhaps. A wolf that drank from a puddle down by the Plutonium rod landfill. The caliber of people who’ve claimed to have seen the Mothman are the kinds of people who wouldn’t file a report if Big Foot himself walked up to them and shook their hand.

Believe it or not, it is not that hard to determine the legitimacy of a Mothman type of sighting (or Big Foot, Witch, Alien, whatever). If a person refuses to admit what they saw, chances are good that they did indeed see what they saw. If the story of the weird and unexplained creature is in fact genuine, it needs no embellishment or sensationalism to merit closer attention. It is naturally that way. That is the truth about recurring sightings involving things that can’t be explained. The stories emerge from time to time, but they never seem to go anywhere or lead to anything. No resolutions or explanations are reached. They usually just go away. And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care.

Perhaps the craziest thing about the Mothman legends is that multiple people who aren’t connected and indeed haven’t even previously heard of the Mothman have had visions of the Mothman and can even draw sketches of the creature. And those who see the creature see it before the catastrophy that makes the sighting famous. In the case of the Silver Bridge, the collapse was later attributed to a single eye-bar in a suspension chain caused by a small manufacturing flaw. No one could have ever foreseen that accident. The only way anyone could have known about it was if they had traveled back in time or were psychic. Yet the Mothman was there. If it had been an isolated incident, it could be written off as a coincidence. But the Mothman was there during many other disasters before that. What’s more, the Mothman was never seen in or around Point Pleasant again after the Silver Bridge collapse.

Creature Feature – The Mothman Video

Mothman Drawing

Mothman Drawing

ime and time again we read about events and strange occurrences such as the Mothman and his connection to the disasters. Most people write them off as coincidences, which is fair enough. To each his own. And after all, in the absense of scientific proof, the simplest solution tends to be the right one. Besides that, it is easier to write something off as a coincidence rather than to accept the fact that it could be true. Why? Mainly because of fear, we at the Weird and Unexplained believe. People have traditionally feared what they don’t understand, and they’ve been reluctant to even try due to the simple lack of gumption. By and large, people are lazy, uniformed and sedentary. They want to live a simple life and camp out on the couch over the weekend. Red-eyed winged-man creatures from the black lagoon with or without prophecies in tow, don’t fit into that mold.

Whether or not a body wants to believe in the Mothman or not, the idea is intriguing and will always be as such. He is repeatedly seen by different people in different regions during different times, and they all report similar details and circumstances, which makes the man with the moth wings rank very high on the Weird and Unexplained trust factor. On a scale of 1 to 10 (possible to probable), we give the Mothman a 7.

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