August 2012 UFO Roundup: Chilling Videos Even Skeptics Can’t Ignore

Most notable of this UFO collection is the 1969 moon landing. According to NASA documents, Armstrong and Aldrin reported seeing large crafts on the other side of the moon which appeared to have landed there to view the Apollo 11 moon landing. Armstrong spoke with mission control during the walk, saying the crafts were “huge” and were “watching us (Armstrong and Aldrin)”. Speculation holds that these crafts were actually part of a clandestine mission and not revealed to the public.

Time and again the public has photographed and filmed UFOs which the scientific community has supposedly debunked. The interesting thing is that every recorded UFO has shared the same characteristics. In a world with such creativity as to make a movie like The Avengers and War Of The Worlds, no one has reported UFOs bearing such bizarre shapes, forms or capabilities. None. So why wouldn’t those responsible for so-called alien encounter “hoaxes” come up with something a little more up to Hollywood snuff? After all, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to believe that we would be as different from aliens as we are to fire ants. Extravagant ships like those from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind are perfectly plausible when viewed from that perspective. Why wouldn’t faked alien videos portray UFOs like that instead of the spherical, orbital, elliptical, flying saucer shapes common in today’s garden variety exploits? Answer? Aerodynamics. Alien crafts would be built for travel, not the set of the latest alien movie. Spheres and orbs are the perfect shape for the proficiency of all things in existence.

The crafts all keep their distance and never linger long. The crafts are always saucer or sphere-shaped, or orb and elliptical shaped. Every legitimate sighting ends with the crafts vanishing extremely fast. In sightings involving more than one object, the UFOs seem to follow some kind of formation. When UFOs are spotted by airplane pilots, audio of their encounter is documented, then treated as if it never happened. Most importantly, every encounter is mocked by rich, elite socialites who control all the news and information we get to hear.

None of these are coincidences. The truth is that aliens have been aware of the lifeforms on the pretty blue water planet (Earth) for millenia. Whether a body believes in aliens or not, the fact is that every single UFO ever recorded has been recorded doing one thing. Observing. Small, orb-shaped crafts appearing briefly at a distance, then disappearing without a trace while naysayers reduce the case to a mockery only “nutcases” would believe. Finally, the events seem to fade away as if they never happened. All the secret coverups have left us with two certainties. One, when we do finally make first contact, it’ll be heralded by the so-called nutcases, not the skeptics. Second, thanks to the cynics who’ve done everything in their power to brand UFO believers with the stigma of incredulity, no UFO sighting can be treated seriously, however credible it may be. A flying saucer full of greenies could land on the White House lawn and shake hands with the President, but people would still insist the whole thing was staged or something. That’s the legacy of the skeptics, that real is something you must see to believe, when in reality real is something you must believe before you may see it. The legacy of the believers is hope.

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