Methane Ice Formations Delight At Abraham Lake





Abraham Lake is an artificial lake on North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta, Canada. Abraham Lake has a surface area of 53.7 km2 (20.7 sq mi) and a length of 32 km (20 mi).


It was built on the upper course of the North Saskatchewan River, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. It lines David Thompson Highway between Saskatchewan River Crossing and Nordegg.

The Cline River Heliport is located on the western shore of the lake.

Lake on the North Saskatchewan River
Location Clearwater County, Alberta
Coordinates 52°13′25″N 116°25′38″WCoordinates: 52°13′25″N 116°25′38″W
Lake type Reservoir
Primary inflows North Saskatchewan River
Primary outflows North Saskatchewan River
Basin countries Canada
Max. length 32 km (20 mi)
Max. width 3.3 km (2.1 mi)
Surface area 53.7 km2 (20.7 sq mi)
Surface elevation 1,340 m (4,400 ft)




Abraham Lake was created in 1972, with the construction of the Bighorn Dam. The Government of Alberta sponsored a contest to name the lake in February 1972, during the final stages of construction of the Bighorn dam. Students across the province were atumblr_kybc0pFiLU1qaqs3eo1_500sked to submit names taking into consideration “historical significance, prominent persons, geography and topography, and the value of the lake.”[1] It was named for Silas Abraham, an inhabitant of the Saskatchewan River valley in the nineteenth century.[2]

Although man-made, the lake has the blue color of other glacial lakes in the Rocky Mountains, which is caused by rock flour as in other glacial lakes.


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