Black-Eyed Children Creeping Into The World

There are a growing number of reports from eye-witnesses claming to have seen children with all black eyes with no pupils or color. No doubt skeptics will attempt to debunk the existence of such anomalies, citing the simple fact that the effect can easily be simulated with the use of black contact lenses placed over the entirety of the eye. The lenses are quite expensive, but the condition can be mimicked and indeed quite selling. The real questions are: 1) If the kids are using the lenses, why;  and 2) If the condition is genuinely biological, what the heck is going on?

The lens hypothesis confounds with the fact that children with the same characteristics have been reported since the 1950s. There were no contact lenses in the 1950s, let alone all black. So that’s a fact. Of course, that was the then and this is now. Perhaps the best approach to account for them is the Socratic method. You scientifically rule out all possible explanations starting with the simplest first until but a tiny set remains. You then dig further and further until you reach the dead center of the onion. The truth always resides there no matter what it is or how fantastic it may seem to the peeler. It may not always be at that center. It might be found under the very first layer. But it’s somewhere in the onion.

Assuming these children aren’t wearing contact lenses, what else could explain the eerie eyes? Could they be caused by a rare genetic abnormality? An odd evolutionary shift? A biological hiccup? Some aborigines and albino children have white ones. Are black not possible? Nature’s objective is to preserve the balance of all things under its dominion, after all. Light and dark, sweet and sour, drought and flood, living and dying, love and hate, the list is endless. Everything that is, is always breaking down in order to balance the equation like fractions reducing in mathematics.

Who knows what’s going on with these black eyes. It could be a hoax or it could be real. History doesn’t appear to bear the first assumption out, however. The truth is that there really are things that go bump in the night. Things do hide in shadows. Something is under the surface, beneath the bed, in the attic, in the basement.

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