Meet Myrtle Beach Manor, The World’s Quirkiest Trailer Park

Myrtle Beach Manor, a white trash classy mobie home trailer park in South Carolina, definitely makes the weird category on Diary Of The Weird And Unexplained. The video sums it up best. Check it out below to see what makes this fascinating wonderland quite possibly the wackiest mobile colony in existence.

Nutty Personalities Burst Mobile Home Park At The Seams

The Manor is filled with outrageously funny and bizarre eccentrics who conspire to become their own secret universe. There’s a nutty security guard rent-a-cop who takes his job way too seriously. There’s two hot girls who sell weiners from a mobile stand whom the park’s owner Cecil suspects is a whore house. A younger guy resident is the park’s famous celebrity, if celebrity is what you’d call a club promoter slash bouncer who almost no one’s heard of outside Myrtle Beach.

Then there’s the trailer park’s resident watchdog and island of herself from which she operates a full service rumor mill and spy network so thorough she can tell you how much change is in your pocket at any given time. The list of wild and hilarious characters goes on and on, all of them chronicled by the owner of the park’s daughter via golf cart video and film crew. Myrtle Beach Manor is a silly and enchanted place where trouble collides with hijinks and pops out fruit. Enjoy!


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