10 Most Prolific And Documented Signs Of Extraterrestrial Life

It’s quite easy to dismiss the occasional isolated alien conspiracy theory, alleged sighting, and scientific discovery pointing to extraterrestrial life, but it’s a little harder when you package them up and present them all at once. That’s what this alien life video attempts to do. All information is supported by facts. These are just 10 cases of FACTS supporting alien life on other planets, especially Mars and Europa, the Jupiter moon. If we dug into history’s file cabinet and added ALL the cases that support the ET theory, there’d be enough information to fill thousands of videos such as the one published here.

Recently an ex-CIA agent even came forward and validated the fact that the crash at Roswell was alien and that the onboard lifeforms were not from this planet. That’s just one case, albeit the most prolific. But that was in 1947, a time when the tech available was basically nonexistent compared to today’s. The only reason the Roswell crash is so well-known today is because authorities back then weren’t as equipped to deal with the situation as they are today. As a result, they just couldn’t cover it up in time. Basically it caught everyone off guard. The point is, technology has advanced at breakneck speed since then and it’s covering things up has never been easier, even despite the fact that the public’s appetite for answers grows stronger every day. The truth is, in all likelihood there’ve been a hundred Roswells – just one we “know” about.

The universe is so vast that it may even be infinite. At least it is for all we know. Humans will never know how far the sky really sprawls for a couple of reasons. First, no one’s really looking anymore. Not really. Obviously astronomers will always be immersed in the quest, but they represent such a tiny fraction of humanity’s collective interest that it may as well not even be one. Most people spend so much time looking down at little screens that they can scarcely remember there’s an “up”. We take this lightly when we should be taking it anything but. We’re at a pivotal moment in our evolution. Every few generations one is birthed with the burden of deciding our fate, the direction we’ll go, who and what we’ll become forever after. Such a generation is supposed to seize time itself, capture our imagination, make it so we can smile in the face of a future that stares us down bleak. That generation is now. Sadly however, it’s shirked its duties. In a time it was supposed to provide, it only consumes. What it makes it makes only so it can consume more, and faster. Faster and easier. The era in which we now live has been marked. Now is the era of the death of imagination. We no longer create technology; technology creates us. And its image of what we should be is cropped short of the stars.

Secondly, there’s no money to be made in the endeavor. Thirdly and most importantly, we’re not advanced enough. Evolution has a plan for us. In time it’ll activate the dormant portions of our brains, which are still basically mammalian even after thousands of years. But for now we’re throttled back to about 9%, which is tiny and actually quite pathetic. But there’s a reason. The power in the mind is limitless. Whatever man can conceive of he can create. He can create a beautiful skyscraper, but also bring it crashing down with an atomic bomb. That’s today, at 9%. Imagine the marvels we’ll be able to destroy at 99%.

But even the most advanced form of life would never be able to map space. That’s how big it is. A thousand Einsteins working as one would still be incapable of conceptualizing such an uncharted landscape dispersed over such a limitless ocean. Considering all this, in today’s day and age it’s actually more preposterous to believe there isn’t alien life as opposed to not. Yet man has the conceit to believe we are the center of it all.

In conclusion, we’re not.

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