Shuttle astronauts taken aback by odd sighting in space

If you’re looking for proof of extraterrestrial life — or just like a good government cover-up conspiracy — you’ll want to check out this video of the space shuttle Atlantis’ final mission. The video shows three reflective bodies outside the shuttle — which intrigued astronauts enough to discuss it with NASA’s Mission Control. “Doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen on the outside of the shuttle, that’s for sure,” one says. Is it “space junk” or suggestion of an alien life form? Check them out for yourself — they first show up at 4:50 in the video.

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  1. overoceans says:

    Interestingly enough, this story appeared the day after a passenger on a commercial jet over South Korea filmed a UFO out her window that stayed with the jet for a short while, then rose up and out of view. The craft from that video looks very similar to the ones described by the astronauts. Coincidence? Maybe. But if you’re planning to invade an area – whether it’s a country or a planet – the first thing you’re gonna do is assess the enemy’s defensive capabilities. The approach is top to bottom, meaning you check the skies first for satellites, communication abilities and aircraft of all types. Then you turn your search to the ground. In the film of the South Korean UFO, when the user tries to zoom in for a better view, the craft conveniently streaks away. But if you’re an alien doing recon, isn’t that what you’d do when your cover gets blown? You don’t stick around for photo opps do you?

    The trouble with separating fact from fiction in these cases is that the skeptic’s version of the story is usually the same as the realist’s. Take the astronauts’ account of the three crafts in this story. They describe the objects as reflective, foil-like material that they’ve never seen outside the shuttle. Skeptics say space junk. Okay, fine. But if an alien craft “wrecked” somewhere in space and was abandoned, what would you call twisted metal left behind that came drifting by your window like soda cans down a gutter? If a spaceship lands on some guy’s farm and ET bails out and gets away before the farmer has a chance to get a picture of him for proof, skeptics say, well isn’t that convenient? What do they think? An alien crashed and knocked on the farmer’s door for a lift into town?

    The fact is, logic is blind when it comes to UFOs. It’s a logical paradox. Naysayers seek to discredit UFO stories using the same arguments the other side uses to legitimize theirs ! The truth is, one side can never – and will never be able to – effectively argue their side. It’s simply impossible. If it wasn’t, no books on UFOs would have ever been written. No movies would have been made. No conspiracies posited. The government isn’t worried about the public finding out about aliens. It never was. It never will be. Why? Because if a spaceship landed right on the White House lawn and two little green men popped out and started shaking hands in front of the camaras in realtime in front of thousands and thousands of onlookers, a day later non-believers would say it never actually happened. And the second the first person who’d shaken ET’s hand stepped up and said it did, it’d officially be a debate and the whole sordid affair would get it’s own Top Secret folder right behind the manilla Project Roswell one. We don’t have fact and fiction in America anymore. It’s just a smudged line of eroding truth. Real and not real no longer mean anything.

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