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Top 10 Non-Debunked UFO Cases

When it comes to UFO sightings, we all know that the vast majority are either debunked by the talking heads or flat out invalidated by skeptics. And the truth is, most of the time they are right. Most supposed alien-origin UFOs turn out to be objects quite terrestrial indeed when subjected to serious scientific scrutiny. Generally it’s a case of some country experimenting with new technologies and/or military crafts. And naturally, the nitty gritty details of such projects are never made public for fear of competitors stealing the blueprints. Even more naturally, this cloak and dagger routine only adds fuel to the fire of alien “cover-up” conspiracies. It is a viscous cycle that can’t be helped (“Viscous” is NOT a misspelling, btw. The phrase is “viscous cycle”, as in viscous oil – not “vicious”. Every time a person’s incorrectly says “vicious cycle”, a linguist somewhere hangs himself. So let’s save a linguist, shall we?)